Oh, hello!

Glad you stopped by! I'm a bit of a wandering – and wondering – creative constantly on a search to use my gifts and passions to make the world a little better each day. Each one of us has a unique identity comprised of so many different abilities. We are never just one thing, and we have the gift of choosing which identities to lean in to, develop, and live out. Here are a few I claim: 

designer • reader • baker • adventure-seeker • sister • photographer • hiker • friend • child advocate • daughter • explorer • painter • marathon runner • country girl • traveler • artist • Jesus-follower • introvert • aunt • outdoor enthusiast • coffee addict • event planner • hammock sleeper • mountain climber • tiny house obsessor • creative director • wanderer

This site serves as a catalog of several projects I've worked on as well as documentation of many amazing places I've had the chance to visit. Hopefully the list for both continues to grow and take root. Take a look, and let me know what you think!

Questions? Comments?